We have a multi-step process that shows our involvement in every step and guarantees client satisfaction. Please click on each step to find out more.

During the initial phase we get to know you. We have onsite consultations to discuss your goals and objectives. We determine the functional requirements and the atmosphere you want to achieve. We define the scope of work and discuss the budget.

At this phase, we establish detailed plans of each space. Ideas for architectural elements are produced through finishes, samples, sketches and imagery. We then share our ideas with you to make sure we are all happy before moving on.
Once the design is approved, all interior architectural components, written specifications, drawings and materials are defined. Final working drawings are produced. All relevant approvals, certifications, pricing and construction are approved.
During this phase the color scheme is created. We select your finishes, lighting, hardware, cabinetry, wall coverings, drapery, window shades., fabrics, rugs, art, and accessories. Furniture layouts are finalized, finishes are specified, and budgets are reviewed.
Throughout construction, we attend regular job site meetings to review design decisions, material installations and construction schedules. We track progress and resolve issues that may arise during the build and ensure that finished work is crafted flawlessly.
Procurement begins with purchase orders for each vendor. We review each order selection for accuracy, confirm prices, lead times and shipping and delivery details.
Installation begins once construction is completed. During this phase the furniture, art and accessories are arranged, and all of the finishing touches are completed. Your project is complete.